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You Want Fries With That?

You Want Fries with That?
by Ken Hoffman
Illustrations by Howard Sherman
ISBN 0-9657468-5-2
Paper, $16

Irreverent and funny takes on pop culture from the nationally syndicated Drive-Thru Gourmet—if you love Dave Barry, you'll love Hoffman

Welcome to the quirky world of Ken Hoffman, where the nationally syndicated Drive-Thru Gourmet reveals his other side—and it's just as opinionated and hilarious as the commentaries on fast food that have made him the most widely read restaurant critic in America.

You Want Fries with That? presents a selection of work from Ken Hoffman's day job—as humor columnist for the Houston Chronicle and, previously, Houston Post. Interspersed among them are a few representative reviews of drive-through specialties.

In this high spirited collection, Hoffman wins a point off Bjorn Borg, gets body-slammed by pro wrestlers, experiences a Korean haircut—in which hair is definitely incidental—and chases down the man who invented the Whoopee Cushion. He watches Emeril cook, and takes the circus strongman to a dentist. He passes through the time warp that is today's Havana and goes camping near the Arctic Circle. One longer piece about his fertility problems demonstrates his ability to find humor in a situation that definitely "wasn't fun."

Hoffman's view of things is hardly conventional. When he makes a grand tour of Europe, he does ten cities in ten days, no hotels. Instead, he sleeps on overnight trains and tosses his socks and underwear in the trash. And the sights he chooses to see? A memorable assortment of the bizarre, the outlandish and the fattening.

But whether he's hitchhiking to a Rolling Stones concert or visiting the weirdest bar in Kenya, Hoffman remains clearly one of us—with a skewed and highly entertaining view of American life at the turn of the millennium.

And you can rely on his taste for cheeseburgers.