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Turn South at the Second Bridge

Turn South at the Second Bridge
by Leon Hale
ISBN 0-9657468-0-1
Paper, $16.00

The third edition of the beloved Texas classic-back in print this fall!

In this little gem of a book Leon Hale reacquaints us with the back road individualists who have given Texas much of its character over the past century.

Turn South chronicles a world that abounds with surprises-the alligator that slept by the stove at Scheller's Place; the ghost of Fiddler's Island; or the billboard newspaper of Tillie Roome.

Many of the places and most of the people chronicled in this delightful Texas classic have vanished by now, and we are the poorer for it. Fortunately for us, however, Hale has captured with warm affection the language and spirit of this irreplaceable part of his state's social and oral history-in the shape of stories and characters you won't forget.