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Easy Going

Easy Going
by Leon Hale
Illustrations by Ancel Nunn
ISBN 0-940672-10-3
Cloth, $21.95

This delightful collection of Leon Hale columns from the old Houston Post introduces us to a fascinating assemblage of Texana, from memorable individuals to a quickly vanishing rural lifestyle where joy can be found in the commonplace, if only one knows where to look.

Renewing acquaintance with these classic columns, originally compiled in 1983, demonstrates most vividly the ambiguity of time's passage. Even as the stories recount in many respects a lifestyle that no longer exists, they astonish with the freshness of their telling, the vividness and individuality that this vanished lifestyle allowed.

And most of all, in this splendid collection, he reminds us of the richness of our state and its people as depicted by a person whose ability to see through stereotypes to the heart of things has yet to be equaled.