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by Leon Hale
ISBN 0-965-7468-7-9

Leon Hale's prize-winning 1979 novel, Addison, a soldier's love story.

Addison was more than the sum of his parts. A thirty-year-old army man, a womanizer, sometime hell-raiser, Addison was an original. He stood for things. And he stood up for things, like honor, friendship, self-respect. And Sarah.

How he loved Sarah! He couldn't keep the wonder of it to himself. For the three raw recruits he supervised, it was a revelation. It marked the beginning of a new way of looking at life.

Under Addison's influence, these three misfits learned other important lessons, too-lessons they would carry with them always. But Addison wasn't perfect. He had flaws. And there would be nothing they could do to stop their hero from making the biggest mistake of his life.