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Ordinary Paradise

Ordinary Paradise: A Memoir
by Laura Furman
ISBN 0-9657468-4-4

Losing your mother at 13 is tragic, but it's even worse when nobody tells you what's going on. After many years Laura came to terms with the grief and confusion—and she took drastic and controversial action to make sure her son wouldn't suffer the same fate.

"Unlike many recent self-serving and self-loving memoirs, this account feels like an honest attempt to understand and ease an ancient pain. It is a privilege to be allowed to accompany the author on the journey."
—The Boston Globe


"I can't escape from the fact that my mother didn't tell me she was dying," writes Laura Furman in this wrenching, elegiac memoir, Ordinary Paradise, as she comes to see how the silence that surrounded her mother's death marked her life."
—ELLE Magazine

"Furman's memory is a beautifully tuned instrument. Writing about her family's summer house in rural New Jersey, she reconstructs an innocent, imaginative childhood, sheltered and free, of a kind that hardly exists anymore."
—Houston Chronicle

"More than anything, Ordinary Paradise serves as testimony of the value of bringing to light our deepest emotions."
—Austin American-Statesman