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Drinking with the Cook

Drinking with the Cook: Stories
by Laura Furman
ISBN 0-9701525-2-3
$24.00 hardcover

In this new collection, acclaimed story writer Laura Furman reminds us of the literary pleasures to be derived from closely observing lives much like our own. A writer of nuance, subtlety and exceptional grace, Furman specializes in buried emotion and its varying, often stifling effects.

"Beneath the beautifully polished, quiet surfaces of Laura Furman's stories lie drama, terror, and startling bursts of recognition. Drinking with the Cook shows her doing what she does best: astutely tracking our lives, showing where we are and how inevitably we got there."
—Lynne Sharon Schwartz

Praise for previous work

"Beneath her muted tone runs a passion for the safe and the permanent, along with a knowledge of the futility of such longings."
—New York Times Book Review

"Furman's people, usually young women, are calmer folk, often models of self-possession and control. They move along quietly, in a seemingly ordinary way, and they attempt what would look to be ordinary tasks….But just below the deceptively simple surfaces of these lives, the unthinkable lurks."
—Chicago Tribune Book World

"Furman…writes with impeccable taste and a cool precision that burns like dry ice."
—Publishers Weekly