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That's why we're especially delighted to present OLD FRIENDS, Leon Hale's first column collection since best-selling Home Spun.

Here readers will find a new selection of his warm, funny, entertaining and often poignant narratives that appear regularly in the Houston Chronicle.

As a particular treat, we've also included a few of his favorite pieces from previous collections, including The Chamber of Commerce Bull, probably the most requested of all Hale columns.

Many of our books, such as Lynn Miller's THE FOOL'S J0URNEY, are especially suitable for reading groups and book clubs. Others, like our featured medical memoir, HIS PROSTATE AND ME: A Couple Deals with Prostate Cancer, present a heart-warming story laced with important medical information.


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Rave review below:

Rio Ganges by David Theis

Rio Ganges

"At one level, this powerful first novel is a well-crafted tale of a young photographer's attempt to rebuild his family amid marital pain and discord. The story flows deeper, however, to levels that include the lingering consequences of a father's desertion, the complex cultural tapestry of Mexico and the short distances between life and death, and sanity and madness, in a violent world."
—Si Dunn, Dallas Morning News

"Theis, in languid, rich prose, creates a Mexico City...(that) becomes a transparent, carnivalesque playground, replete with misfits, eccentrics, and forlorn expats. Not only does the city thankfully provide a backdrop for some much-needed humor, but it guides Dan through a bewildering, almost hallucinogenic, maze of enlightening experiences. Like his caged hawk, he not only survives, but flourishes, hungering for the elusive redemption he deserves. When Dan heads back to Valparaíso's compound, where Jane and their now two children live, we're reminded how great literature ultimately deals with birth, death, and, most importantly, all the stuff in between."
—James McWilliams, Austin Chronicle

"Like Under the Volcano RÍO GANGES uses Mexico as the endlessly provocative background for obsession. Here the force isn't principally alcohol but those other potent intoxicants, passionate love and the curse of family memory. David Theis's novel evokes, with insight and a deep familiarity, an exotic landscape and an intriguing cast of characters that threaten to engulf but finally help to redeem a lost soul."
—Rosellen Brown

"RÍO GANGES is the story of an abandoned son who walks through fire to claim his own fatherhood. Theis' novel is passionately, elegantly wrought -- a forge in which the materials of erotic obsession, parental devotion and the beauty and poverty of the Mexican landscape are merged and purified."
—Emily Fox Gordon, author of The Mockingbird Years



Featured Book for Fall 2004

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Old Friends: A Collection
by Leon Hale

Old Friends

Praise for Leon Hale's collections

"Reading these short meditations is like settling in with a box of bourbon candy. It's hard to stop with just a few... "
Kirkus Reviews

"Hale's voice in writing is the voice of the man himself. Colloquial, wise , caring, closely observant and--most often at his own expense--wrily and powerfully humorous. "
John Graves

"Where I came from, we always had Leon Hale for breakfast. It's still a good idea. He talks straight and funny about real people. "
Molly Ivins


His Prostate and Me
by Desiree Lyon Howe

His Prostate and Me

Strongly recommended by The New York Times and Family Urology:

"Books on prostate cancer are invariably written by the men who suffer from it; this one approaches the disease from a woman's perspective. It...examines the cancer's effect on a marriage and provides insight into the role women can play to help the men they love. The author met her husband after he experienced the incontinence and impotence that resulted from prostate cancer treatment. Ms. Howe deftly answers questions about prostate cancer and assesses the treatments: surgical, chemical, hormonal, radiation, and the lesser-known proton beam therapy, an external radiation treatment. She offers this advice on ''watchful waiting'' with its expectation that a long time will elapse before treatment is necessary: ''If the man you love has a good chance for a cure, you might encourage him not to postpone treatment because of concern over side effects. Help him to understand that you love him completely and that you will remain by his side as the two of you work on the side effects together.'' The author addresses the question, ''Will I or won't I be able to function sexually for the rest of my life?'' She answers in the affirmative, and after assessing the re-establishment of potency through penile implants, Viagra and a medicated urethral suppository, leans heavily on the ultimate need for communication. ''Communication is the essence of intimacy,'' she writes, ''and women seek and respond to intimacy.'' "
The New York Times, Books on Health

"Written for the couple facing prostate cancer, Desiree "Dee" Howe has compellingly used her personal experience to help enlighten others in the same situation. She explains, in lay terminology, the basic science and anatomy involved with a prostate cancer diagnosis. In addition, Ms. Howe discusses at length the mental and emotional aspects of this disease for both t he patient and family members…This book is an information-rich resource for couples facing prostate cancer. Ms. Howe not only shares her knowledge with the reader, she also shares herself. She takes a difficult subject that is sometimes hard to understand and with the right touch of spirit, hope and knowledge makes it a more bearable load."
Family Urology 21, Vol. VII, issue 3, September, 2002

"His Prostate and Me is one of the most sensitive, enlightening, informative discussions of the impact of prostate cancer on a relationship I have ever read. The writing is witty, direct and serious. The information is appropriate and accurate. The insights are inspiring and, above all, hope is overflowing. Most importantly, it is a living, breathing testimony to the power of love."
—Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach, M.D., Director of the National Cancer Institute, Prostate Cancer Survivor

"This book is a must read for couples facing prostate cancer."
—Arnold Palmer, Golfing Legend

"God's message of the power of love and hope are interwoven in His Prostate and Me amidst up-to-date medical information. This is a must read book for those having to deal with prostate cancer."
—Bishop Desmond Tutu


A New York Times Notable Book

Diane Cole's After Great Pain

After Great Pain

"Place this book within reach of people in pain...Cole will clearly tell them what it is crucial to know but so impossible to believe about the path toward healing."

"Essential reading for anyone planning to continue living in the real world."
Chicago Tribune